Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nowhere Fast

gen3concepts:so u are a belly dancer huh?

gen3concepts:are you very tantric/


Page_Three_Girl:Tantra is a Buddhist spiritual practice; Oriental dance is a Middle Eastern secular art form and social phenomenon. What do you mean by tantric?


gen3concepts:like in general and in your dancing style

Page_Three_Girl:That's a very personal question. Well, in regard to Oriental dance, people often equate it with stripping or really sexual behavior, which it isn't.

Page_Three_Girl:In the Middle East, it's just a social dance. Men do it, women do it, children, if someone was holding a party, or getting married.

gen3concepts:thats awesome

gen3concepts:i love sex and love talking about it dont you?

Page_Three_Girl:Are we talking about sex?

1 comment:

  1. This is the reason the first proto-human lifted up its simian head, opened that hairy throat, and let loose with a string of cries that would, eons later, become language. So that, one day, you could have this conversation. Amazing.