Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family History (In literal Arabic translation)

This week we had to write an essay in Arabic. This is a selectively literal translation of what I wrote:

There is to me a small family. There is to me a maternal uncle, and a maternal aunt, however there is not to them children. Also, my paternal uncle, there is not to him children. There are to me a pair of paternal aunts, * there are to them a pair of daughters and a single son. There is to me a single sister. Her name is Anna. Anna and I** are from the city of Washington because our dad used to be in the army. My dad and my mom used to be from the city of Jacksonville in the state of Florida, and their extended family is in Florida, however my dad joined the army because he specializes in music of the saxophone, and he was in "band" of the army.

Every year, my family and I used to travel to Florida for to visit our extended family.

The mom of my mom was from the region of "Kent" in the Britain that is Great. Her dad was from the city of "Aberdeen" in the Scotland. The dad of my mom is from Florida and the mom of my dad was from Georgia, in the city of Cairo (not from Egypt!)

My pair of grandmothers died before a pair of years. My grandfather lives in Jacksonville with my maternal uncle. They work with the oranges, and the lemons, and the "satsumas" and "the tangerines". My maternal aunt works with the tea. (My family loves the tea because of my grandmother).

My sister and I want to travel to the Britain that is Great.

*Every time I use this construction, it's because I put a noun in the dual form. So instead of saying "two aunts" you'd say "aunt-teyn" meaning "two aunts."

**This turns out to be a pun since "I" sounds similar to "Anna" in Arabic.

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